academic Program

During the quarter in DC, all students pay UCI registration fees to maintain their UCI student status, and earn 12-16 units for the quarter. Participants must be enrolled on a full-time basis, and must take two Required classes, and can choose to take one Optional class:


1. CORE SEMINAR (UCDC 180; 4 units; Letter grade). All students must take one seminar course, taught one day a week. There are typically 5-6 Seminars to choose from.

    CLICK HERE for Seminar course descriptions

2. INTERNSHIP (UCDC 170; 4, 6, or 8 units; P/NP). Students decide how many hours per week they want to intern, depending on how many units they need and their internship site requires. UCDC program hour requirements are as follows:

    Number of Units

    Number of Hours Per Week


    CLICK HERE for more information on Internships


3. ELECTIVE (UCDC 190; 4 units; Letter Grade or P/NP). A few upper-division elective courses are offered each quarter, taught by faculty from different UC campuses and the D.C. area, and students have the option to enroll in one elective course.


  • It is possible for all Electives and Seminars except the Washington Focus Seminar to fulfill UCI degree requirements. Consult with the Academic Counselor in the School of your major to determine if a particular course is appropriate to fulfill a degree requirement. You will need to provide the course description and/or syllabus to make this determination.

  • The internship can fulfill the following requirements: Social Ecology Field Study, Public Health Practicum, Social Policy & Public Service Internship, Civic & Community Engagement Minor Internship, and International Studies International Experience (if the internship has an international focus).

NOTE: We also offer a Fall Semester option. Students selected for this semester option will do their academic course work in the same time frame as the quarter students, but will intern for a total of 12-14 weeks. The semester option is currently only being offered in the Fall, although students can create their own Spring semester option by participating in both winter and spring quarters.